Here Comes the Sun

(The Sun. All Worship.)

Wish I could get my head around copyright of images. I throw all sorts of things up here on the blog which I think are royalty-free, like the glowing beauty above.

The end of Daylight Savings (DS) this weekend. The sun-worshippers extended it by more than a month this year, and I've had the joy of utter darkness while fumbling about in the mornings getting ready for work. Normally we'd need to wait until winter for that privilege, but thanks to the growing cult of daylight we'll now have a month or so of more light in the mornings, and then back to black. My circadian rhythms are wreaking their usual havoc on sleep quality, they don't know which way is up. They're too dim to understand the genius logic of shifting waking and bed times arbitrarily twice a year, so that millions of precious dears can work the same insane slave days and still have some daylight to come home and mow the lawn in.

The same clever dicks trot out the same manurial sarcasm each year in defence of this stupidity. "The curtains will fade, ha ha". Etc. The point is dunderheads that yes, there will still be the same number of hours of daylight no matter what you do - so STUPID of critics not to have seen that, *slap collective yokel foreheads*. But when you fuck around with the clocks, you shift when bodies are exposed to this sunlight, and the millions-of-years-old clocks they have built in get a twice-a-year dose of what the fuck is going on? Doesn't even occur to the clever dicks that the bodies they live in have precisely tuned regulation mechanisms based on exposure to light, oh no ha ha, those country hicks and their cow milking and their faded curtains, ha ha.

Of course if you live at the poles, as my friend who took the picture below at Antarctica earlier this week does, then you experience dramatically how shit your body can feel if you stuff about with daylight. They're about to experience 42 days of no sunlight at all.

Most of the gung-ho gee isn't daylight saving great people are oblivious to its effects because they're the type who left to their own devices would leave their sorry lard-arses in bed until midday. That extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is a boon for them, because they miss so many of the other daylight hours asleep. So idiots like me who their whole life have loved the freshness and new day feel of dawn now have to get up in the dark so these other idiots can not go to bed at a 'reasonable hour', and then make up for their sleep deficit by using up most of the morning sleeping.

[The sleep experts say most of us are chronically sleep-deprived, and that when you sleep i.e. (we were built to sleep in the dark) is as much if not more important than how many hours we sleep. I don't have a problem though with people who want to keep weird hours, only with them insisting we then change the way the entire society keeps time, to suit their need to fuck with the way they're built.]

But it gets worse. Because with our proud Protestant work ethic, we wouldn't for a minute stop and think, hmmm, it's dark when I get home from work, maybe we should all work an hour less, or start work earlier and finish earlier. Shit no, why use common sense here? Let's fuck about with the entire time measurement system instead. And when we eat shit and our arses become the size of two seats on a plane, instead of eating less shit, let's change the way we do clothing sizes and make XL now mean "size 3". That way we can all be thin, even when we're not. (This is what the US did, not an excerpt from Gulliver's Travels.)

And we'll stop failing kids at school to protect their self-esteem, so that as they get progressively dumber we won't have to do anything about it, and they'll never fail at anything, and will break down in tears for the rest of their lives when they break a fingernail. Oops, I sound like Miranda Devine (if you don't know who she is, don't Google her, your time on Earth is precious and you're not missing a thing), but on schools the Right is 'right' to insist on standards, just hopelessly wrong to use them to create self-fulfiling league tables which always carry the message that the rich are smart, and therefore deserve to be rich.

Sorry folks, every year my sleep gets thrown into a tailspin by the clocks being shifted, and it pisses me off. (You may have noticed that.) All for the benefit of a majority of apparent sun-worshippers who love it so much they sleep for hours every day when it's up.


  1. Nick, did you read Christopher Pearson getting all upset in The Australian about how South Australians should get rid of their half hour time difference, and join the eastern states time zone (since he thinks it unlikely that the eastern states would now shift to central time - gee he's sharp). It doesn't have anything to do with anything really - South Australians have been debating this for longer than I've been on the planet, and that's a long long time - but I thought it might make you feel better about the way the sun is forced to behave by politicians fiddling with the clock like time lords. And then you could say oops I sound like Christopher Pearson, which might or might not be better than sounding like Miranda Devine ... now back to that needed sleep ...

  2. Heh, missed it, how timely (yes, groan).


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