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The House Always Wins

There's something epic about the buying and selling of houses. In most countries anyway. Peoples' own piece of Earth they get to own and live on, it's a deep emotional need shared by many, and an understandable one.
The problem with this deep feeling for our territory is that we made a market out of it. We made this deep emotional need into something we buy and sell, to make a buck. In the process we tapped into another of our deepest, primal needs - the need to feel secure. On the surface this need seems more like the desire for wealth, and that could be considered an independent (and also deep) desire. But much of the desire for wealth relates to the desire for security too - if you have lots of money, your life is financially secure, and that is a lot of what feeling secure means to many of us, and rightly so. If you're not having to worry about where the next meal is coming from, and paying the bills, it surely is peace of mind.
So we've hitched together 2, or ma…