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Stere-oopsis (Part 1)

Not a typo. Stereopsis is the technical term for the perception of depth using binocular disparity, or in other words by each eye (apparently) seeing a slightly different version of the same scene - because each eye has a different 'line of sight', parallax occurs between images seen from those separate lens of sight. Which again just means the two images are different, which you can easily test by covering or closing one eye and then the other, alternately, and noticing how the scene in front of you changes slightly.

I said not a typo because this theory is probably wrong. So more "oooops" than ops. But it's far and away the most common theory of how we see in depth, which I've talked about and questioned a few times, see here. (Note that links will show below this post, you'll have to scroll down.)

There's no doubt you will see profound depth using stereopsis techniques, such as the ones most commonly used in 3D pictures and films. There's no qu…