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Providence & Faith

I have a faith. It's not a very common faith.
I have faith in the world. Not the world as in the Earth, but as in everything. Just as it is.
Another way of saying this is that I don't believe in providence. I don't believe there is anything steering the course of events from 'outside' them in any way. No higher power, no visible or invisible hands, no 'objective Truth' (but there are small-t truths). Nothing providential.

Why is it so hard for people to respect what is given to us, in our experience? Why do we always want to add levels to things? It's easy to think this is something only religious people do, with their other-worldly gods and hellfires, but it's rampant in all parts of life. If you think there is such thing as 'society' lording over what all of us do, there's providence. If you think there are only individuals and no society, there's providence again, just in the opposite direction. If you think science peels away layer…