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Endosymbiosis. Bacteria rock.

Bacteria gettin' it on
There's nothing in the title of this post that says "read me", I know. But endosymbiosis is maybe the most amazing thing that nobody ever gets taught. Much. Or maybe they do now, they didn't when I went to school and uni.
The word 'symbiosis' isn't that unknown though. Or symbiotic. You hear it a lot in business, for example. People look for symbiosis when they're combining things, finding a way to get two or more different things to work together to produce something that is maybe surprising and creative, and different to the originals. Like a computer company working together with computer chip companies, display companies, marketing companies, etc. They all still stay distinct, but together they make something that's a symbiotic relationship between them.
Endosymbiosis is symbiosis on steroids. It's one of the main ways life itself came to be. Bacteria are masters at it, and when you study what it is they do it real…