It's confusing to see what would normally be perceived as respectable, clean and carefree middle class kids drawing a map of Australia on their bellies and the words "fuck off, we're full" in the middle of the map. For Australia Day.

Of course none of this is ever about class or being clean or respectable. But these kids are rarely interested in anything much above their mobile phone, Facebook and drinking, and suddenly they're passionate nationalists? Where did this come from?

It's always seemed possible that there's a darker side to that 'chilled out', carefree, travelling, partying behaviour that suggets these people are happy go lucky kids being kids. The first hint of it comes when you hear their extremely conservative views on social and political issues - they're like the Methodists reborn.

And the love of the flag! Draped around them, tattooed upon them. Teenagers, in this age, with a hard-on about the flag?

World's gone mad. Maybe the theories about generations cycling through various types of behaviour is what it's all about, who knows.


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