2009, and Pointing the Finger

This year should be interesting. The uni is talking about merging with two others, but I think it's possible most peoples' lives, including mine and the uni's, will be swamped by the continuing toxic side effects of the economic 'boom' times of the past decade or so.

That last decade or so is interesting. There's plenty of talk about the mess we're all in now, in the present, but amazingly nobody seems to be saying (much) that the seeds of this disaster were actually people rushing like lemmings to believe that we were living through a boom before it. It's obvious we were actually running around a fantasy wheel in a hamster cage, with most of the 'economic' activity kept going by more lemmings borrowing, and borrowing some more. So based on thin air, really.

And then certain leaders of certain countries, like my own, took credit for creating this boom. And now nobody seems to be saying, "hang on, these idiots oversaw and encouraged a disaster". It's in the good times that the seeds of the bad times tend to be sown, but lemmings that we are we live it up in the good times, and then blame the poor bastards who have to clean up the mess later.


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